ATI Radeon graphics cards and the blue screen of death ( BOSD ).

I had a problem with intermittent BSODs, as many as two a day and usually once a day.

ATI drivers were frequently referenced as the cause but other tasks were also indicated.

I tried a new power supply

I ran Microsoft's memory test

Nothing seemed to work.

I finally removed ATI software entirely according to

using ATI removal tool

and deleting all ATI files from the system32 folder.

I then cleaned the registry of all ATI references using Registry Mechanic

I then reinstalled the original disks that came with the card.

Problem solved, no BOSD for two weeks.

Possibly, while updating drivers to keep up with the latest version, I may have acquired a defective file.

While most gurus recommend always having the latest drivers ATI offers the best advice.

In other words, IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT"