BIGGY backlit lcd display module option for
DFD1, DFD2 or DFD4.

(shows actual size on my monitor, 1024 X 768 on 17")
Greenish LED Backlit Display

Standard LCD display module (TOP)
compared to
BIGGY LCD display module (BOTTOM)

add $10 to cost of any DFD for this option.

If you already have a DFD you can buy this item for $15
otherwise I do not sell them separately.

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I don't have a cabinet for the biggy display.  This example uses a clam shell box available from several sources.

digi-key, Jameco, Mouser

dfd1h1.JPG (10503 bytes)

dfd1h2.JPG (5517 bytes)

He used the BIGGY display option

and mounted it in a Hammond Plastic case.

dfd1h3.JPG (16953 bytes)

dfd1h4.JPG (12805 bytes)


the top line is 16 characters of your choice such as name and call sign

(name and call sign shown are of my late father)

blue.jpg (24631 bytes)

same size as the standard display.

add $15 to cost of any DFD for this option.


Also available with white backlite and blue characters.   Same price as green backlite ($7.50 extra)

white backlite.jpg (12909 bytes)