FT-8000 Dual Band Mobile Super Wide Multi-band Receive for the scanning enthusiasts 110~550, 750~1300* MHz (*Cellular blocked). Smart Search automatically sweeps a band and loads active frquencies in dedicated memory banks and is ideal for identifying active repeaters when visiting a city for the first time. 108 Memory Channels each stores repeater offset, CTCSS, Packet speed & power level. Digital DC Voltage Display monitors current car battery voltage. Dual Receive (VHF/VHF, UHF/UHF, VHF/UHF) and cross-band Repeat is also built-in. Full 50 Watts Power Output on VHF, 35 Watts on UHF, 3 selectable levels with 10 W medium and 3 W low power also available. 1200 or 9600 Baud Packet available per memory channel with easy interface via a dedicated rear-panel jack. ADMS-1D Windows PC Programmable (available September 1996) Yaesu-exclusive Large Omni-Glow Display gives clear viewing at any angle. Built-in Duplexer allows easy hook-up to a dual-band Antenna. Back-Lit DTMF MH-36 Microphone included. Simple Operation with separate Volume/Squelch Controls for each band. MARS/CAP Modifiable with proof of permits.

FT-50R Wide Multi-band Receive for the scanning enthusiasts 76-200, 300-540, 800-999* MHz (*Cellular blocked) 3-Selectable Rx modes (AM, FM-Narrow, FM-Standard) Rugged MIL-STD 810 Rated for Shock and Vibration Auto Range Transpond SystemTM (ARTS) uses DCS to automatically poll other stations, indicating if they are within simplex range. Digital Coded Squelch (DCS) is used in the commercial industry, DCS provides 113 unique codes in addition to the standard CTCSS tones. 112 Memory Channels each stores offset, CTCSS/DCS & power level. Alpha-Numeric Display up to 4 characters may be used to name each memory channel. Digital DC Voltage Display monitors current battery voltage. Full 5 Watts of Power Output with 4 selectable power levels (Available in 2 and 5 watt versions). Automatic Tone Search (ATS) scans for DCS and CTCSS tones. (w/ FTT-12 installed) Receive and Transmit Battery Savers built-in. ADMS-1C® Windows® PC Programmable (available May 1996) Keyboard and Menu Programming allows for simple FT-50R operation. MARS/CAP Modifiable with proof of permits.

FT-10/40 Four Keypad Versions are Available A06 6 Key with DCS enc/dec, CTCSS enc, ARTS, 30 Channels.A16 16 Key DTMF with DCS enc/dec, CTCSS enc, ARTS, 30 Channels.A16D 16 Key DTMF with DCS enc/dec, CTCSS enc/dec, ARTS, 99 Channels.A16S 16 Key DTMF with DCS enc/dec, CTCSS enc/dec, ARTS, 99 Channels and digital voice recorder. All 16 key models allow direct frequency entry and menu access.MIL-STD 810 Rated for rugged operation, another Yaesu exclusive !2 and 5 watt models available, (determined by battery), supplied charger charges both voltage batteries, no additional charger to buy when purchasing optional batteries.Auto Range Transpond System (ARTS), This new system alerts you visually and audibly when a companion handheld is out of simplex range. A built-in CW ID is also included.New! High Output Audio High technology speaker design produces higher output even with it's compact design.Alpha-Numeric Display 4 Character Alpha Name can be used to name your memory channels.Digital Coded Squelch Included to allow quiet monitoring of busy channels.Direct FM Improves packet performance and voice quality.Dual Watch, Allows you to monitor an in-band sub channel for activity.High Speed Scanning.Top Notch multifunction control knob.RX / TX Battery Savers, The FT-10/40R includes both transmit and receive battery savers for maximum battery life.Omni Glow Backlit LCD Display.4 Power Output Levels, Low 1, Low 2, Low 3 and High Power levels are selectable to extend battery life.ADMS-1B® Optional PC Programming Software allows quick and easy programming with your PC.

FT-11R / FT-41R Frequency coverage: FT-11R 2 m: RX: 110-180 MHz TX: 144-148 MHz FT-41R 70 cm: RX: 420-470 MHz TX: 430-450 MHzSelectable Alpha Numeric Display.Compact Battery Design (using prismatic cells) 4.8V produces 1.5 watts 9.6V produces a full 5 watts150 Memory Channels (75 when using alpha numeric).ADMS-1® Programmable.AM "Aircraft" Receive (110-136 MHz).Compact Design: 4"Tall x 2-1/4"Wide x 1"Deep.Automatic Battery Saver (ABS).MOS FET Power Module Backlit DTMF Keypad and Display.Backlit Up/Down Volume/Squelch Controls.DTMF Paging/Coded Squelch is standard.CTCSS Encode Built-in.Automatic Power Off (APO).Programmable Lock Switch.Top Panel Knob Can Be Programmed For Channel or Volume/Squelch Up/Down.

FT-23/33 Frequency coverage: FT-23R 2m: RX:140- 150MHz TX: 144-148 MHz FT-33R 1.2m RX/TX: 222-225 MHz 10 Memory channels. Simple operation. Multiple Scan Modes. Priority mode. Rugged Die-Cast Frame. High & low power. CTCSS option. LCD display.

FT-51R Frequency coverage: 2 m: RX: 110-180 MHz TX: 144-148 MHz 70 cm: RX: 420-470 MHz TX: 430-450 MHz 120 Memory channels (80 w/Alpha-Numeric) SPECTRASCOPE® LCD Display SCHROLLING Instructions and User Help Menu 8 Character Alpha-Numeric Display Up/Down Volume/Squelch Controls & Display Selectable Sub-Band TX Mute Automatic Tone Search (ATS) Dual CTCSS Encode and Decode Built-in Digital Battery Voltage Display AM Aircraft Receive Scanning Light System Large Backlit Keypad & Display Automatic Repeater Shift Multiple Scan Modes 3 Selectable Scan Stop Modes with Scan Skip User Selectable Lock Function with 15 Combinations Automatic Power Off (APO) TX/RX Battery Savers Built-In Handy Serial Cloning Feature ADMS-1® Programmable 5 Selectable Power Output Levels Message System with CW ID Selectable RX Smart Mute Cross-Band & One-Way Repeat Functions DTMF Paging/Coded Squelch Built in 3 Dual Receive Configurations-VHF/VHF, UHF/UHF, VHF/UHF

FRG-100 Communications Receiver Frequency coverage 50 KHz through 30 MHz. 50 Memory channels store frequency, mode and filter selection, (all memories are freely tunable). Two special memories store user programmable band edges for scanning. Multi-function scanning, (memory, band, selectable group, priority) with carrier or time-delay resume modes. Adjustable BFO, reverse BFO offset, and selectable CW sideband. Adjustable SSB carrier offset permits tailoring the receiver's audio response to your own taste. Front panel selactable AGC rate. Front panel selectable attenuator. Front panel selectable noise blanker. Front panel selectable backlighting. Twin 12/24 hour clocks. Alarm and timer functions. User selectable bandwidths. CAT port for PC control. Dual antenna jacks (Coax and Open Wire). 12 VDC power allows operating flexibility.

VX-1R DUAL-BAND HANDHELD 500 mW Power Output (1 watt w/ External Power Adapter) - Wide VHF/UHF Multi-band Receive - 290 Memory Channels in 9 Groups - 6 Character Alpha-Numeric Display - Built-in CTCSS Encode/Decode - Built-in DCS Encode/Decode - Built-in CTCSS/DCS Tone Search Feature - Smart Search Function - Dual Watch Feature - One Touch ARTS (Automatic Range Transponding System) Feature - Priority Channel Alarm Feature - AM Air-Band Receive - Size H81 x W47 x D25 mm - Weight 125 g w/ Antenna and Lithium Ion Battery

FT-920 HF + 50 MHz with 100 Watts Output on all Bands High Performance 33 MIPS* Digital Signal Processing (DSP) in all Modes with one touch control New Design MOSFET PA Finals Built-in High Speed Auto Antenna Tuner including 50 MHz (Antenna Tuner works on both RX & TX) Auto Notch/Noise Reduction Control Omni-Glow Dual Display with Twin VFO Knobs Simplified Tuning with Shuttle Jog Controlb Digital Voice Memory System Separate FET RF Amplifier for High & Low Bands Quick Memory Bank (QMB) Instant Frequency Memory System High Resolution DDS Tuning Built-in Electronic Keyer (Message Memory Keyer) Built-in RS-232C Level Converter

FT-415/815: FT-415 130-174 MHx Rx/140-150 MHz

Tx FT-815: 430-450 MHz 41 memories þ Back-lit DTMF keypad and display DTMF paging/eoded squelch CTCSS encode/decode ABS (Automatic Battery Saver) ATS (Automatic Tone Search) ATf (Automatic Track Tuning)

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