FT-26/76: FT:26: 130-174 MHz Rx/140-150 MHz Tx FT-76: 430-4SO MHz S3 memories DTMF paging/coded squelch ABS (Automatic Battery Saver) Built-in VOX

FT-411E/811/911: FT-411E 130-174 MHz

Rx/140-130 MHz Tx FT-811: 430-450 MHz FT-911: 1240-1300 MHz 49 Memories Back-lit DTMF keypad and display CTCSS encode/decode Built-in VOX

FT-470: VHF/UHF Dual-Band 130-174 MHz Rx/ 140-150 MHz Tx 430-450 MHz 42 Memories Dual Receive Back-lit DTMF keypad and display CTCSS encode/decode Programmable battery saver

FT-212/712 Now you can stay in touch -- even when you're away from your radio. With Yaesu's 2-meter FT-212RH and 70-cm FT-712RH, an optional, internal digital voice recorder serves as a convenient answering machine for you and your friends. And that's just the beginning! High performance mobiles. The FT-212RH features wideband receive coverage of 140-174 MHz (144-148 MHz Tx), while the FT-712RH covers 480-450 MHz. An oversize amber display includes an innovative photo-sensor which increases the display brightness during the day. The function buttons are arranged in a chromatic musi- cal scale -- ideal for visually-impared operators. You get 45 watts output on 2 meters, 85 watts on 70 cm.

An autodialer DTMF microphone with 10 memories, each ready to store telephone numbers up to 22 digits long. And, like our FT-211RH Series mobiles, you'11 enjoy simple controls, yet sophisticated microprocessor- based flexibility. Including 18 mem- ories that store frequency, offset, PL tone, and PL mode (PL encoder built in, decoder optional). Band or memory scanning. Offset tuning from any memory channel. Memory channel lockout for scanning. High-low power switch. All in an amazingly small package, shown actual size below. Digital voice recorder option. Only Yaesu brings you the advanced technology found in our digital voice recorder option.

You can store messages or your call sign -- in your own voice, not a synthesized replica -- or give your friends a private code for leaving messages on your radio. All they need is a DTMF microphone! Then you can play back your messages either in-person, or remotely by using another radio with a DTMF microphone. And you've always got security because you can com- mand your radio to respond only to in-person playback requests. Visit your Yaesu dealer today. And test drive Yaesu's FT-212RH and FT-712RH mobiles. The only radios with the power to keep you in touch. Always.

FT-747 A high-performance HF rig... with a great receiver and full-power transmitter. Light in weight and low in price. This is Yaesu's FT-747GX. Whether you're a novice or a veteran, it's a great way to start. And a great way to go. DX ready. The 747 packs a full 100-watt RF punch on 160 to 10 meters, with continuous receive from 100 kHz to 80 MHz. And its control panel is refresh- ingly simple. So you can hop around the band fast to nail those DX stations. While other guys are warming up their amplifiers, you can be working the DX! Multimode versatility. The FT-747GX is ready to go on LSB, USB, CW, and AM. With provision for the FM-747 FM unit -- great for watching 10-meter repeaters.

You get 20 memories to store frequency and mode. Dual VFOs with split frequency operation for DX-pedition work. And manual band scan plus auto-resume memory scan via the microphone up/down buttons. Great receiver. Utilizing a directly-driven mixer, the FT-747GX receiver features superb overload protection. You also get factory- installed narrow CW and AM filters. A one-touch noise blanker. All-mode squelch. RIT. And a 20-dB attenuator for local QSOs. Lightweight eonstruction. Housed in a metallized high-impact plastic case, the FT-747GX weighs in at about 7Y4 pounds! With the loud- speaker mounted on the front panel for maximum audio transfer. And internal heatsinking for the trans- mitter, rated at full power for FM, packet, RTTY, SSTV, and AMTOR when

used with a heavy-duty power supply. Available options. FC-1000 or FC-757AT Automatic Antenna l4ners. FL-7000 500-watt Automatic, Solid- State Linear Amplifier. TCXO-747 'Ibmperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator. FAS-1-4R Remote Antenna Selector. FRB-757Amplifier Relay Box. FP-700 Standard Power Supply. FP-757HD Heavy-Duty Power Supply. MMB-88 Mobile Mounting Bracket. Discover the price/perkrmance leader. Check out Yaesu's low-cost FT-747GX at your Yaesu dealer today. Because now, Yaesu puts priceless DX into your price range.

FT-7000 operated at 24 volts for excellent inter- tuner and lots of powerful operating raodulation rejection in transmitter. features. Enhanced C.AT. system for exter- There's fast turnaround time for nal control of transceiver from per- break-in (QSK) CW, HF packet radio,personal computer. (Software for Apple and AMTOR. Only 70 watts excitation%aese USA Ile/MAC, Commodore C-64, and for fu11 output, and 1200 watts PEP IBM-PC is available through your Yaesu input power. Fully protected push-pull. There's also data communica- parallel wideband "no-tune"ampli- tion with the FL-7000 linear amplifier fier circuit powered by 4?V, 25A DC for hands-free amplifier operation. power supply. Yaesu's exclusive "DVC" The muscle to get you out: The (Direct Vertical Cooling Heatsink FL-7000. This solid-state amplifier System) with bottom-mounted fan. Covers 160 to 15 meters, and includes Automatic antenna matching sensor

FT-990 Frequency Coverage: 100 kHz -- 30 MHz RX (160-10 m TX) Built-in Dual Digital Switched Capacitance Filters Built-in High Speed Antenna Tunei w/39 Memories RF FSP (RF Frequency-Shifted Speech Processor) Dual VFOs with Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) 90 Memories which store Frequency Mode and Bandwidth Full and Semi Break-in CW Operation Band Stacking VFO System Multi-mode Selection on Packet/ RTTY; Easy interface to TNCs Adjustable RF Power Variable Threshold Noise Blanker Optional Digital Voice Recorder (DVS-2) Front Panel RX Antenna Selection Accessories: FT-990DC Available without power supply XF-10.9M 2nd IF SSB Narrow 2.0 kHz Filter XF-445K 2nd IF CW Narrow 250 Hz Filter TCXO-2 High Stability TCXO SP-6 External Desk-top Speaker MD-1C8 Desk Microphone DVS-2 Digital Voice Recorder Unit YH-77ST Lightweight Headphones LL-5 Phone Patch Unit for SP-6 Speaker

FT-5200/6200 Frequency Range:

FT-5200 2M: 140-174 MHz RX 140-150 MHz TX 70 cm: 430-450 MHz RX/TX FT-6200 70 cm: 430-450 MHz RX/TX 23 cm: 1240-1300 MHz RX/TX

32 Memories (16 per band) Odd splits on any memory CTCSS Encode Built-In Dual Receive with Balance Control Full Duplex Cross-Band Operation Built-In Antenna Duplexer Backlit DTMF Microphone Automatic 8 Level Display Dimmer Built-In Cross-Band Repeat þ RF Output Power: 2M: 50/5 watt (high/low) 70 cm: 35/5 watt (high/low) 23 cm: 10/1 watt (high/low) Accessories: FRC-4 DTMF Paging Unit YSK-1L 20' Trunk Mounting Kit FTS-22 CTCSS Dual Decoder SP-7 External Speaker DVS-3 Digital Voice Recorder Unit MW-1 Wireless Microphone /Controller

FT-767 To transform your shack into a DX powerhouse, combine the intelligence of Yaesu's FT-767GX HF/VHF/UHF base station and the muscle of our powerful FL-7000 HF amplifier. You'11 be amazed at how you can cut through pile-ups. Be heard any- where in the world. And wake up other- wise inactive bands. The brains of the operation: The FT-767GX. This intelligent HF/VHF/ UHF base stat,ion includes four micro- processors for unparalleled flexibility and ease of operation. Features include 160 t,o 10 meter transmit, including WARC bands. Optional plug-in modules for 6-meter, 2-meter and 70-cm operation. Receiver coverage from 100 kHz to ',30 MHz. AM, FM, SSB, CW, AFSK modes built in. lbn memories that store frequency, mode, and CTCSS information (optional CTCSS unit for controlled- access repeaters). Memory check feature for checking memory status without affccting operating frequency. Dual VFOs with one-touch split fre- quency capability. VFO tracking for slaved VFO-A/VFO-B operation at a constant offset. Digital display in

10 Hz steps. Slow/fast main dial tun- ing. Synthesizer step programming at up to 99.9S kHz per step. Digital SWR meter. Digital RF power meter. Ruilt-in RF preamplifier. Adjustable drive level from 0 to 100 watts. Blue fluorescent display. Built-in AC power supply. Up to 80 minutes continuous transmit (100% duty cycle). Full CW break-in. Built-in CWelectronic keyer. Audio peak filter for CW (Yaesu patent). CW and AM wide/narrow filters. Woodpecker noise blanker.

RF clipping speech processor. IF shift for both receive and transmit (TX side allows you to adjust voice fre- quency response pattern). IF monitor. IF notch filter. Audio low-pass filter. Built-in antenna tuner with mem- ory of settings on each band. Separate antenna connectors for each VHF or UHF optional unit. Separate beverage antenna receive input on rear panel. Quick turnaround time from TX to RX for AMTOR, Packet, and QSK CW. AGC slow/medium/fast/off selec- tion. Push-pull MRF422 transistors


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