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Filter Design and Analysis


L/C Meter IIB




Frequency Displays

Add digital readout to

analog dial radios. 

Design and analyze passive

filters in both the frequency 

and time domain.

1 nHy / .01pf resolution

Automatic Ranging 

Self Calibrating


Add digital readout to

analog dial radios. 




C75.jpg (8539 bytes)

Fully assembled


digital dials




Universal PROBE makes any

DFD nearly plug-n-play on vacuum tube



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This site is dedicated to electronics hobbyists, engineers, and Radio Amateurs interested in circuit design, homebrew and kit projects.

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L/C Meter IIB , a self-calibrating, automatic ranging inductance capacitance meter with 4 digit display, .001 uHy / .01 pf maximum resolution and 150 mHy/ 1.5 uFd. Range.

ACCURACY ANALYSIS 4/30/2010  analysis against calibration Inductor and capacitor standards.

What some of my customers have had to say.

View L/C Meter IIB Instruction Manual

Digital Frequency Displays Specifications (links to details of each type)

Miniature digital frequency counters designed to display the frequency of operation of superheterodyne (with an adjustable IF offset) and direct conversion (without offset) receivers and transmitters. Also can be used as a bench top frequency counter or built into other test equipment.

A great many custom units are available for specific radios. 

See comlete listings on the shopping cart page.

DFD1 for single conversion superhets and direct conversion radios

DFD2 for double conversion superhets

DFD3 (no longer available)

DFD4 for VHF or UHF radios or as test equipment to over 2 GHz.

Which DFD should I use with my radio?

DFD Applications notes page (how to interface with many types of radios)

probe.JPG (43772 bytes)

new universal signal probe interface

Can be as easy as sliding a tube shield over your oscillator tube (7 or 9 pin) and clipping a lead to chassis

Sold only with a DFD1 or 2, Not applicable to DFD4.

also see:

What some of my customers have had to say. for more pictures of customer built units.


AADE Filter Design and Analysis . A FREE Windows filter design/analysis program. Butterworth, Chebyshev, Elliptic, Bessel, Legendre, Linear Phase, Coupled Resonator, Crystal Ladder filters. Both Time and Frequency domain analysis.Download FREE . (12 Mbytes) 

AADE has an unconditional money back guarantee even on kits (unless destroyed during assembly). 
We have a free "we'll try to fix it if you just can't seem to get it to work" policy. ($4 return S/H charge) 
We offer technical assistance from 9AM to 9PM Pacific time. (usually available on weekends)

Almost Plug-n-Play digital dials

probe.JPG (43772 bytes)

using the new universal signal probe interface


walwart.jpg (25669 bytes)

Here is a hint my brother came up with to organize all those wall transformers

for charging cell phones etc.

Buy a box of 10 dual wall sockets (cheap ones) and mount them between two

pieces of wood on the wall of your garage.  This keeps the cords from getting


Read antenneX review of L/C Meter IIB.

antenneX is a fantastic on-line magazine devoted to amateur radio antenna issues.

Check out
My favorite links
to Circuit design and analysis, Amateur Radio, OEM manufacturers, and parts suppliers.


Find out what this is and about the history of Television.

Or find out what this is.

A TV guided bomb from Desert Storm?

Is this the worlds smallest CRT?

My personal collection of cathode ray tubes.

Design and Construction
Deserving of special mention

ham radio boxes.JPG (22061 bytes)


Almost, if not complete, collection of GE Ham News

for those who remember them fondly.

  ge1.jpg (10479 bytes)  ssbjr.jpg (6956 bytes)


Similarily for RCA Ham Tips.

rcahamtips1.jpg (35624 bytes)  rcahamtips2.jpg (35334 bytes)


Many thanks to n4trb for his time and effort to make these available to us old timers.

A FREE Schematic drawing and Spice simulator and other interesting software from Linear Technology.

Why pay for one, this one is free.

FAR Circuits

Printed circuit boards for many radio projects published in  magazines such as QST, QEX, ARRL Handbook, the old Ham Radio, 73's, Amateur Radio Today, CQ, WIFB Designer Notebooks, Popular Electronics, QRPp, QRP Notebook, Communications Quarterly, Electronics Now, and others.

My only commercial special mention because I like to encourage home electronic construction, for obvious reasons, and Fred makes it easy for you by supplying printed circuit boards at low cost.

 The ARRL has posted it's  SMD construction articles , from QST, in PDF format for you to view, download and print.

The Mystique Behind Miniaturization - Surface Mount Technology 
                        QST, October 1987, pp. 15-18 
A Surface-Mount Technology Primer parts 1 and 2 
                        QST December 1990, pp. 48-51 
                        QST January 1991, pp. 27-30 
 Surface Mount Technology - You Can Work with It! Parts 1-4 
                        QST April 1999, pp. 33-39 
                        QST May 1999, pp. 48-50 
                        QST June 1999, pp. 34-36 
                       QST July 1999, pp. 38-41

A fine article describing how to do surface mount reflow soldering using a toaster oven.



One of my customers

Kim Sacks, KB3MZX


told me about this really easy way to solder smd ICs. 

The ICs have solder tinned leads and, if your pcb also is tinned, then you already have enough solder.   What you don't have is solder flux.  Using a flux pen, as shown below, simply apply flux to the pcb area, position the IC and heat the leads with a clean (so as not to add any solder) soldering iron.  No solder bridges even with a fairly large soldering tip. 

smd solder.jpg (19520 bytes)

Shown above is a sample I did of a 28 pin SSOP chip (AD9850) on a SSOP adapter.  I got the solder flux pen on ebay but they are listed in most electronics parts catalogs.   Could not run any tests on it but examined under high magnification and no solder bridges were visible and all leads appeared well connected.

DDS60.jpg (24962 bytes)PIC-EL-II.jpg (68619 bytes)

Here is my DDS-60 daughter board from amQRP and the soldering tip, Hakko 900M-T-I,  I used.  The procedure works most of the time on resistors and capacitors as well.   It is wise to apply a little solder to each end of resistors and capacitors, after they have been installed,  to make sure they are connected as it is hard to tell by just looking.

I tested it using a PIC-EL 2 from kangaus and it worked perfect first time out.  My first SMD project. Not bad.

         I have built four of the DDS-60s and all worked fine .  The ICs all soldered no problem.

I made a hold-down device for holding the parts while soldering, shown below.

hold1.jpg (3346 bytes)

Cut a piece of scrap wood and drill a 5/32" hole near one

end.  Mine was about 3.5" X 5"

hold3.jpg (5045 bytes)

I pasted a piece of 1/4" black foam on the top.  Then bend

a piece of metal coat hanger wire as shown.  Blunt the end with a file.


The foam allows any parts on the other side of the PCB to be cushioned in the foam so the PCB will lie flat.


hold4.jpg (4381 bytes)

Put the wire in the hole. It will pivot freely which is important

because it eliminates the backlash (springback) of the wire.

hold5.jpg (3791 bytes)

Place your PCB and component under the wire and solder it in place.

Quick and easy way to make sexy front panels



Constructing shielded enclosure from PCB material

how I packaged my version of Steve Hageman's

"personal network analyzer"

ian.gif (10844 bytes)

Ian Purdie, VK2TIP's fantastic web site:

For amateur, ham radio, electronic project enthusiasts as well as for the electronic hobbyist and for home learning to design your own electronic projects 
And Ian's new site

electronics tutorials.com. lots of very nice tutorials, a must see.

tutorial.gif (4475 bytes)

The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing
by Steven W. Smith 
California Technical Publishing
Covering a wide range of topics, this book is an ideal introductory text for those new to DSP, and an excellent reference for more experienced users. Begin today to learn more about this powerful technology! 

  Big list of tutorials from OEM manufacturers

compiled by

Mike Ellis of Ellis Electronics

I don't maintain this list so if any links are broken I can't help.



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